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Streamline your academics with a personalized AI Tutor.

Experience personalized learning like never before. Our AI Tutor adapts to your needs, guiding you to academic success.

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Study Faster. Smarter.

Master your studies with precision. Unlock your potential with smarter studying strategies.

Optimized for efficiency

Crafted for peak efficiency, effortlessly summarize notes, lectures, and online resources, optimizing study time and comprehension with every click.


Chat with PDFs

Upload, interact, learn. Chat with your PDF documents for instant clarity and understanding on-the-go.

Summarize Notes

Handwritten or online. Upload your notes and get concise summaries to boost comprehension and study efficiency.

Smart Quizzes

From your notes or any subject. Generate quizzes effortlessly to reinforce learning and retention.


Create flashcards from your notes. Enhance learning with personalized flashcards based on your study material.

Instant Answers

Take a screenshot, get answers. Instantly solve questions with image uploads for efficient study sessions.

Complete your tasks

Upload tasks, get them done. Stay organized and efficient with streamlined task management.

More than just a study tool

Empower your academic journey by taking control of your education with Freshman. Join our waitlist for exclusive early access upon launch.

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